First, we’ve taken some MARS TV X IPTV’s playing videos of some countires in order to easily show you the playback experience. On this, you can check and watch them in accordance with your thought: Brazil, France, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Poland, Czech and Slovakia, Sweden.

Our MARS TV X IPTV service includes thousands of TV channels from all over the world. You should can find your favorite TV channels based on your country or region. In addition to lots of TV channels, MARS TV X IPTV service includes also over 30000 movies and TV series and keep updated frequently.    

Yes, we always knew that the new IPTV services are far from perfect. Such as some users complained about some of the local channels are missing, some feedbacks pointed out that some channels may become unwatchable at some time, etc..

However, we were assured that everything possible was being done. Anyway, your satisfaction is our priority.

So, to give you a more humanized approach, here’s some information on MARS TV X IPTV FAQs. We believe we will make a more transparent interaction between the users and our MARS TV X IPTV services.


Where I could purchase MARS TV X IPTV subscription?
Where I could get a MARS TV X IPTV test?
Which devices support MARS TV X IPTV service?
  • Currently, all of our products such as SOLOVOX V6S, V8S Plus, and V9S are supported, and MARS TV X IPTV service is also compatible with lots of Android devices including Android phones, Android tablets, and Android boxes such as our X96 mini, X96 Max+, X96Q, and X96 Mate. Of course, MAG, XBMC, KODI, Enigma2, PC, Xtream Codes, Stalker private protocol, etc.
Whether there is the Android APK package for MARS TV X IPTV service and where I could download it?
  • Yes, MARS TV X IPTV service has its own Android APK package,  and you can refer to this article for how to download
How to use MARS TV X IPTV service on SOLOVOX boxes?
How to use MARS TV X IPTV service on Android devices?
Whether one account can be activated on two devices?
  • No. MARS TV X IPTV service, that’s not allowed. In other words, once your account is activated on one device, you will not be able to activate it on another device
Which countries are supported by MARS TV X IPTV service?
  • Basically, MARS TV X IPTV service has covered most of the countries and territories in the world, including Nederlands, Belgium, Poland, Switzerland, Germany, France, Brasil, Italy, UK, Portugal, Spain, United States, Canada, Australia, Turkey, Azerbaycan, Kurdistan, Arabic, Egypt, Africa, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Iraq, Lebanon, Finland, Sweden, Armenia, Greece, Norway, Denmark, Caribbean, Colombia, R. Dominicana, El Salvador, Mexico, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Peru, Latino Pelicula, Ecuador, Israel, Lithuania, Israel, Estonia, Slovenia, Hungary, Czech, Romania, Russia, Bulgaria, Georgia, Ukraine, Afghanistan, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Vietnam, South Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, etc. However, the country lists you saw is just a reference, the reality on the countries may be very different, getting a test is the best starting point
Whether the channels are all stable and workable?
  • Seriously, we cannot guarantee that the channels are all watchable. You should know that the sources of some channels of one IPTV service may be damaged or lost. So please make sure you have known it
Whether the adult channels are supported by MARS TV X IPTV service?
  • Yes, MARS TV X IPTV service includes an adult group called FOR ADULTS including some adult channels, you should make it unseen based on your special scenarios
Whether M3U file of MARS TV X IPTV service can be downloaded?
  • No, for security reasons, MARS TV X IPTV service does not supports downloading M3U file. Actually, you can easily use M3U form of MARS TV X IPTV service in Xtream codes way

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