Download MARS TV X Android app APK package

If you want to install MARS TV X app to your Android device, then the full Android APK package is needed. Well, you can download it very easily.

Download MARS TV X

  • MARS TV X Android 10.apk
    Release: Stalker emulator for the Android 10 device
  • MARS TV X V3.apk
    Release: Stalker emulator for the device powered by Android 7 to Android 9
  • MARS TV X V2.apk
    Release: Stalker emulator for the Android devices which can not install MARS TV X V3 and MARS TV X Android 10
Despite there are several different application versions of MARS TV X Andriod APK package, we are always suggested that please select the latest version. That is because the latest version usually gives you a much better experience.  

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