Watch MARS TV X IPTV service in M3U URL line by using Smart IPTV (SIPTV) app

It is an OTT way for watching MARS TV X IPTV service. This OTT way overs a smart IPTV app called Smart IPTV (also known as SIPTV).


  • First please make sure you have gotton MARS TV X IPTV subscription. Such as your M3U URL line received from us:
  • Please make sure you have known what your OTT address of Smart IPTV app is, such as kindly note that here is just an OTT address sample
  • Please go to the OTT address via a web browser such as Chrome, you can do this step from your Windows computer, macOS X computer, even your Andriod device. Of course, we always suggested that you use your computer
  • Please go to the My List page by clicking on My List at the top title of the navigation bar. Please kindly note that it may be other title such as List
  • At this time, please input the Mac address of your device that you want to watch MARS TV X to MAC text box, please kindly note that please do not input your computer's Mac address. and then input your MARS TV X M3U URL line to URL text box and activate it by clicking on Send
  • Restart your Smart IPTV app from your device that you want to watch MARS TV X IPTV service
  • Enjoy it

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